Building Type 1

Heated · 1 - 12' x 14' overhead door · 960 sq.ft.

Building Type 1 is mainly for storage. It's 20' wide by 48' deep with a single overhead door. Bathrooms are available in the bays and each bay is equipped with floor drains.


Building Type 2

· 2-overhead doors · in-floor heating · 2,160 sq.ft.

The size of Building Type 2 is what makes it one of our most popular bays. The bays are 40' wide by 54' deep and can be accessed by the 2-12' x 14' overhead doors. Each bay has its own 2 piece washroom and each bay is heated by its own in-floor boiler system. 


Building Type 3

·2-Power overhead doors · 3-piece washroom ·3400 sq.ft.

These spacious bays are great for big trucks and big storage. The two overhead doors are 14' wide by 16' tall and power operated, the operators can be controlled by remote so there's no need to get out of your vehicle when pulling into the bay. Just like the majority of our bays, they're heated by in-floor boiler systems. This building also houses 2 bays that have built in loading docks for quick loading and unloading of supplies and equipment. 


Building Type 4

·Power overhead doors ·Single tenant building ·4050 sq.ft.

A single tenant  facility. There are a total of 3 14'x16' power operated overhead doors. This building is heated by the traditional overhead infrared heat. 


Building Type 5

·4-14'x16' power Doors · Single Tenant · 5,832 sq.ft.

This building is heated by overhead infrared heaters. It's 54' deep by 108' wide for all your storage needs. 


Our Drayton Valley Location